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Websites promote you 24/7,

No employee will do that.

― Paul Cookson, Poet

Web Design, Graphic Design, Hosting, and Maintenance

Trust Experience

For the past 15 years, I eat, breathe, and sleep web design. I enjoy learning all the latest trends and features to create designs that my clients love.  Web design isn’t just my job, it’s my passion!


Plugins Galore

I own an expansive inventory of premium paid plugins to maintain optimal form and function for your website. Every site includes $500+ worth of plugins that can ultimately make all the difference in the success of your business.


Customer Support

Most support tickets are resolved within 72 hours, or 24 hours for emergencies. Additionally, I offer training for my clients in person or Skype so they can maintain general site updates on their own (text, photos, etc).

Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee that you will be happy with your website. You have up to the revisions phase of the website to back out with a full refund on your deposit. Few web designers offer this, but I’m confident in my work and customer service.

Nice to meet you…

Hi there, I’m Ellie, a web and graphic designer living in the Portland area and working locally or remotely to any location. I mainly work in WordPress but have experience in other platforms, too. I’ve always been a bit of a geek. Growing up in Portland, there wasn’t much to do as a kid, especially throughout the rainy winter months. I remember my mom first showing me the internet, and from there the computer and I became best friends. My early designing days consisted of many hours with nothing more than a screechy dial-up modem, a very basic graphics program called Paint, and a now extinct website builder known as Geocities.

While other teenagers were out partying, I was nerding out in my room creating online clubs and newsletters where I wrote about anything from aliens and outer space to how to make pen pals across the world. Back then, I didn’t know that these isolated hobbies would eventually lead to a career. Luckily, all those hours spent in front of a computer were not wasted, and eventually lead to my dream job and owning my own business as a web designer.

I’ve kept that love for learning as I’ve built my career. Every day, I study the latest trends and features to make your website look and feel its best. From having taught myself, I often do things a bit unconventionally, but always culminating with exceptional results that visually tell the unique story of your business.

I’m a Portland native, but I’ve lived and worked abroad in Australia and Singapore, as well as collaborating remotely with teams across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Through travel and working internationally, I have a broadened global and cultural perspective from both the business and the end-user. This wider angle lens allows me to create websites from a unique perspective that is inventive, culturally aware by keeping different people and their values in mind, while staying true to a clean, simplistic, functional, and accessible design that’s appealing to a wide audience.

Your business is my passion.

Your website will showcase your company in such a way that it captures your customer’s attention, which is invaluable to the success of any business. Most customers will look you up online before ever making a decision. It’s estimated that 80% of potential customers will look for your website before choosing your business. Without a website, your potential customers are likely to find your competition instead.

I create an online presence for your company that stands out, so that when they look for you – they find you and they remember you. You may not realize how much more successful your business could become until you have a website that fully represents it to the rest of the world.

When your website launches, you will feel a renewed sense of purpose for yourself and your business and what it can offer. I am passionate about what I do because I love seeing a business owner light up as their website begins to takes shape and launch, knowing that their potential for success is now limitless. The internet has created a borderless world in the sense that we can team up and work on your website regardless of our actual locations. So no matter where you rest your head at night, send me an email and let’s discuss your project over a cup of coffee, either in person or virtually over Skype. I look forward to working with you!



My rates for web design and training vary depending on the project. I will only charge what I think is fair based on my time to complete it. If your site will only take me a few days to complete, then I set the price accordingly. I usually set a flat rate so there are no surprises, which is outlined in the scope with what is included in the project.

When you contact me, provide me as much information as you can about your project so I can help give you an accurate quote as soon as possible. The main things I need to know: Do you currently have a website and hosting? Do you have all the content ready to go now or soon (images, text, etc.)? What is your timeline? What is your budget?

I’ll provide you a free quote that is competitive and backed by my fifteen years experience in the field, my expansive collection of premium plugins and services to offer only the highest standards to my clients, ongoing paid training by leading industry professionals, along with speed and accuracy to deliver your website much faster than most web designers while still looking its best and memorable to your customers.

I guarantee that you will be happy with your website. You have up to the revisions phase of the website to back out with a full refund on your deposit. Few web designers offer this, but I’m confident in my work and customer service.


“I have known Ellie for a number of years. She has been instrumental in making sure my businesses’ online presence was always up to scratch. While running my IT consultancy, I never hesitated to present her as an amazing solution to customers looking to have an online presence created.”

Glenn Cannon

Saxon, NYC, NY

“As an artist, having a website is crucial to getting the word out about my work. I don’t have enough time to learn to build a website myself, and I thought I couldn’t afford a web designer, but Ellie was able to build me a really beautiful website in less than a week and for a very affordable price. It’s helped me to promote my shows, connect with galleries, and get more exposure globally than I could have had without one. I’d definitely recommend her to any business, even if you’re new and just starting out and need a website to build yourself up instead of always struggling to get the word out.”

Jenny Ellsworth

Welding Artist, Oregon City, OR

“Ellie has been a joy to work with and provided my company with excellent quality of services. Ellie was fast, responsive & very open and receptive to feedback. She designed a logo for me that I plan to use for many years to come! I highly recommend Ellie’s work.”

Karissa Johnson

Spectra Gymnastics, Portland, OR

“I was so impressed with Ellie’s work and ideas when I met her during a trip to Australia that I have commissioned her to produce the new website for the Blind Sailing Team I coach. Her ability to work remotely and to budget is critical for us as a NFP, and also her ability to teach us how to update the site with our news from regatta sites all around the world. Ellie will be my first point of contact for future projects.”

Justin Kelleher

Blind Sailing Team Coach, Perth, Western Australia

“Ellie was great to work with! She was excited about the project, had a lot of great ideas, and the finished product was better than expected. I would highly recognize her to anyone!”

Ernest Ryan

DJ Wiggles, Portland, OR

“Ellie took on the project of our website and the team have been most satisfied. She took on very differing ideas and lots of suggestions and came up with a range of suitable and workable solutions for us. She managed to add creativity to dull areas, build up an excellent level of social media followers and enthuse us about using technology in a more pro-active way within the business. Not only was Ellie professional and able within the role she also fitted in to the team at ease and got on with everyone around her. She coped with the pace and needs of a very busy boutique recruitment business extremely well. Highly recommend her for further work.”

Kate Smith

Recruitment Consultant, Perth, Western Australia

WordPress Training


Ask Questions & Get Answers

New to WordPress? I am your WordPress Wonder Woman, here to save the day! Learning to create and maintain a website is like learning a new career. It can take some time and cause a lot of confusion and frustration, especially if you’re not very tech savvy. I’ve been in it for 15 years and I’m still learning more every day.

Instead of spending hours of your life trying to solve an issue with your website, let me share my wealth of knowledge with you so you can fix it yourself without struggling to learn how to do it the right way the first time.

Training Rates

My rates for WordPress Training are $75 an hour with a two hour minimum for in-person and one hour minimum for online via Skype, and partial hour based on 15 increments after that. During this time, you can ask me as many questions as you want and we’ll cover as much as possible while still being sure you’re grasping the info so you will get the most out of your training. I’m available for follow-up questions on a $10 per-question basis after the initial training session. I accept cash, check, or PayPal.

Once you grasp the basics, you may never need to hire a web designer again, which could possibly save you thousands! Additionally, all my clients receive premium plugins with their training (up to $500 value).

Training Experience

I’ve taught countless people how to troubleshoot their computer (PC or Mac) and mobile devices, as well focused training with WordPress web design, Photoshop, and other apps and software. My students have included one-on-one training in person or via Skype, and entire office teams so they can utilize aspects of the website that are relevant to them without causing any errors. With websites that I design, I include training with every website package, which covers an easy backend editor so you don’t have to struggle to understand how to change your website on your own. It’s all built around the idea that you can take the reigns, at least for the basics like changing photos, text, etc.

Additionally, I offer more comprehensive training on sites that I designed or otherwise, hosting, backing up, security, and site maintenance services or train you to do it for yourself to keep your website optimized and fully functional at all times. I enjoy teaching people how to work on their sites and you’ll find that I’m comfortable to talk to about anything that you’d like to learn.

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